Wholesale Shoes Trends Update

Trends in 
wholesale shoes always get influenced by the latest innovations and
designs from top designers. There will always be some hits and a few misses. So
be prepared for this. But don’t lose your desire to supply your consumers with
low priced designer fashions. Shoppers are always looking for high-end designer
products at low prices. It’s become a mantra for many shoppers, particularly
those who are online. There’s a great opportunity to do business with new ideas
and designer inspired styles.

Here are some styles that are doing well now.

with buckles
– They are sophisticated and classics.

– These shoes are hot. They are comfortable too.

– Boots with spike heels are in great demand.

– These are retro style shoes that are making a comeback.

– They are comfortable and more stable than spikes. They are elegant too.

There’s a clear trend towards five-finger
shoes as well. The peak sales are expected to be in the summer months. You’ll
find a lot of 
wholesale women shoes in this, so there’s a serious opportunity to prosper. Mesh uppers with minimal
design with EVA insoles are doing particularly well. Five-finger shoe designs
are very good for camping, sports, surfing and such other outdoor activities.
Manufacturers have increased the production of these shoes. You’ll find them in 
shoes wholesale category too.

Lindsay Lohan is also offering designer
shoes. Lohan’s 6126 line is offering handbags, clothing including leggings and
shoes. You’ll find many high-end wholesale
ladies shoes brands at FoxLiquidation.com. These are the same goods you’ll
find at luxury stores. You’ll find shoes from Chloe, Via Spiga, Coach, House of
Harlow, Corso Como, Ivanka Trump, Vince, Luxury Rebel, Sperry and many other
brands here at FoxLiquidation.com. Just look through the manifest closely. You
can save anything between 70% and 95% on your wholesale shoes with us.

The Kardashian’s have teamed up as well to
promote their new shoes. These shoes are from Sketchers. They come with a
fitness message. It’s a fun way to get into shape. Your fashion-conscious consumers,
looking for wholesale women shoes
are likely to love them.

There is good demand in oversize shoes as
well. Retailers have opened up for addressing the needs of women who need wholesale ladies shoes that are bigger
than the average size. So you could open an entire store front offering
customers oversized shoes. There’s very little competition in this segment.
There are opportunities in other niche market segments as well, such as shoes
for kids. The sales have picked up considerably over the last few years. So you
might want to look into that too.

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