To err is human to revise is divine.

Online retailers know just
how important it is to build and maintain a regular schedule of listing their
merchandise. Time is money, as the saying goes, and no one knows this better
than the independent retailer. The more time you invest in listing means more
items you have for sale, and more items for sale translate into more profits
for you. Your experienced reseller knows just how to manage their time
successfully. They usually have a regular routine, perhaps they get up early
and do some photography before going to work. Then in the evening, they spend
an hour or two posting those items photographed earlier in the day. Whether
your posting in the morning or night really does not matter, what matters is
that you establish that routine and stick with it.

Photograph, post, repeat
that’s the routine, right? That sounds good, but let’s add just one more little
step to your routine photograph, post, revise, and repeat. All too often, in
our eagerness to get a job done and get our inventory posted and selling, we
overlook one small aspect that could be the determining factor between a quick
sale and dead stock. It could be something as simple as a bad photo or a
missing attribute, and it could easily be corrected with a simple revision.
Say, for example, you have 500 listings on your eBay or Poshmark account, set
aside 20 minutes a day to review 25 to 50 of these listings and see if anything
requires a tweak. Maybe it’s a missing size on one item, or perhaps you find a
few listings with a title that needs improvement, take a few minutes to review,
and revise. Find a few listings with bad photos? It happens, maybe the lighting
was off, or just a blurry shot, put those items to the side and take new
pictures in your next batch of photographing.

The important thing here is to build this task
into your routine. You can very quickly cycle through your entire inventory if
you are taking on the revisions in small chunks of 25 to 50 listings a day.
Doing this regularly will ensure that errors are corrected in a timely manner,
and it may even help to improve your titles and descriptions. Don’t be afraid
to experiment a bit with your titles you might find a small tweak can make a
big difference in how quickly you convert that item into a sale.

Photograph, post, revise, and
reorder from Foxliquidation, where you know you can get the best deals on
high-quality overstock apparel and home goods.

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