The Recipe For Success

Do you like to cook? If so, you
probably have a signature dish, one that all your friends and family rave
about. So what’s that special ingredient in your dish that brings out all of
those flavors together to create your culinary masterpiece? I know, it is family
secret, don’t answer that. Instead, let’s take off that chef’s hat for a minute
and look at your business. In addition to being a damn fine chef you’re also a
proud independent entrepreneur. You have your own business, be it physical,
virtual or both, so what’s that special ingredient to your business’s success?
A fancy logo, A great website or an attractive physical storefront? These are
all important, but nothing is as important as the goods you sell. You have to
sell quality goods! Any chef worth his salt will tell you great ingredients
make a great meal.

I know you are not one of these,
but there are some sellers out there not so much concerned about the
ingredients as much as having a quick meal. These freewheeling seller types can
and will sell virtually anything; they don’t care what they sell as long as
they can turn a profit on it. The liquidation industry has no shortage of goods
for these types; liquidation wholesalers are practically drowning in generic
brands, private label items and low dollar goods that can be flipped for a
quick buck. The problem these types of sellers invariably face is that the fast
buck could easily turn into your last. This approach to resale will severely
limit your long-term growth potential. Sure, you can make some sales but
ultimately if you are not selling what consumers want in terms of the products
quality and the brands they demand they will not be back for more. Not
concerned about repeat business? You should be, worse yet that former
customer may easily turn into your worst detractor causing you to lose future
sales and speeding up the inevitable spiral of declining sales. Avoid the
generic brands, private label and low dollar goods they are like fast food
tasty for a bite or two, but you will regret it later.

So how you determine what you sell?
Simple listen to your customers! Concentrate on sourcing quality goods and
brands that they hunger for, it’s the best approach for long-term growth
because a satisfied customer always comes back for seconds.

There are many liquidators in the
industry offering the fast food quick meal fix that will ultimately leave you
unsatisfied(and possibly gassy) at Foxliquidation we serve up only the best
quality name brand goods that your customers crave.

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