The Real Real is the real deal.

Regular readers may recall us mentioning the Real Real
before as a part of your multiplatform online sales strategy but we thought it
was high time for a deeper examination. There have been lots of new
developments with the company recently. Most notably a successful initial
public offering earlier this year, but what has turned this online consignment
business into a wall street darling?

The Real Real‘s success can be attributed to a couple of key
factors. For starters, it effectively managed to dispel the used stigma and
turned shopping secondhand into a selling point. The pitch goes something like
this; you’re not buying used, instead your buying gently loved high-end
designer brand goods at a fraction of retail and helping to save the
environment. Good pitch, right? You’re doing your part to help out the
environment while getting a gorgeous designer purse a win-win scenario in any
consumers book. Now the second factor of the company’s success relies on A
fundamental concept… trust. In this technologically driven age, trust seems to
be in short supply. It’s becoming increasingly difficult for an already
flustered with options consumer to tell the real deal from the fake. It’s an
age-old problem if there is money to be made in emulating a product, then
someone can and will do it, and this is especially problematic in the field of
consumer luxury goods. Sure, you can find that occasional Fendi bag out in the
wilds of local consignment or thrift shops but how do you know that this bag
didn’t come out of a knockoff shop? You may be able to spot a few telltale
signs, but some knockoffs are so good that only an expert can tell. That’s
selling point number two for the Real Real; it’s the trust factor. Each and
every item is being authenticated by a professional who’s sole purpose is to
separate the real deals from the fakes. The importance of this cannot be
overstated when hundreds if not thousands of dollars are at stake in any given

The platform has been growing in leaps and bounds, and it’s
taken the increasingly common step of moving from click(online only) to brick
and click. The Real Real is opening storefronts in multiple cities including
New York and Los Angeles to both source new merchandise and to sell face to
face. Now let’s get back to you and your business. You know that you can get
the real deal in terms of high-end luxury goods for resale from but should you be marketing these goods for sale using the Real
Real? We think so, it gives you access to a clientele that is willing to spend
some real money on real luxury goods, and you don’t have to fear the dreaded
all caps THIS IS FAKE! email. The Real Real has become the real deal, so it’s
time to give it a try for selling your high-end luxury goods. 

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