The end is near for active content on eBay

So you may
recall last September we talked about eBay’s fall seller update
and briefly covered a fairly big change that’s scheduled to take effect this
June on eBay it’s the end of active content like JavaScript and Flash. Wait
what is active content? Maybe you have that scrolling gallery or another type
of interactive element? Maybe be you have a search tool for your store or drop
down menus well get ready because these are all getting the boot. There are two
big reasons for this move the first being site security these formats are more
susceptible to potential interference the second is to make the site more user
friendly for mobile devices as shoppers spend less time on the PC and more on
the phone shopping. So what do you need to do? Well remove it and definitely
before June otherwise those listings will be blocked. Do you have active
content in your store page? That’s got to go too but you have a bit more time
to remove this 2018 is the deadline. If you are uncertain if your existing templates
contain active content eBay has added a preview window to see your listing with
and without its active content so you can figure out what if anything needs to
be edited or removed. In addition, eBay
is emailing sellers pointing out which listings must be changed. There is one
small upside to this headache you are making your listings more user friendly
to mobile users meaning potentially more sales plus it’s a good opportunity to
maybe make some tweaks to some older listings. 

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