Pickers and Flippers … is it time to think bigger?

This entry is dedicated to all the
pickers and flippers of thrift and consignment shops out there. For those
of you who are not familiar with pickers or flipping, these are the guys and
gals who hunt the shelves and aisles of their local thrift or consignment shops
looking for items to buy and resell. Now, most of these folks are reselling
online, but there are other avenues such as flea markets and boutique
consignment shops where you can sell these type of goods. What are these people
buying exactly? Just about anything clothing, housewares, kitchenware,
electronics anything that can be potentially resold. Maybe you’re semi-retired,
have a part-time job or are a stay at home mom or dad looking to earn a few
extra bucks each month. Each day you get up and hit the stores, always best to
go hunting early to beat the mid-day rush, not to mention the other pickers!
Now chances are you got hooked by accident, maybe one day you got dragged along
by a friend to a thrift store, and while casually flipping thru the racks you
come across that IT item that got you hooked. What I mean by that IT item is
that first thing you discovered that made you think… hey, this is not my size
or my style, but I am pretty sure I can make some money if I sold it. It could
be a few dollars profit made or a few hundred, those high dollar items are out
there, and there is no bigger thrill than scoring a huge profit on an item you
may have paid as little as a buck on. I know these people, heck I have been one
of these people and I can tell you that there is real money to be made If you
know the art of the flip and can easily recognize those items that will sell
and net you some healthy profit.

Maybe you have been flipping for a year or two,
and you’re pretty good at it. Instead of a few hundred bucks at the end of each
month, its now a few thousand and your little hobby has now become a business.
Wait did you say hobby? Yea I know folks, it’s a job, just like any other job,
but every flipper has had that painful conversation before with that
insensitive acquaintance or more likely in-law that calls your job a hobby. I
know It’s annoying, you invest a lot of time and effort into your business, and
there is a lot of work involved. It’s not easy generating a few thousand
dollars each month in sales by flipping and eventually even the best flippers
will hit that sales wall that they will struggle to overcome. The problem with
this business model is that it’s inconsistent regarding sourcing your
merchandise for resale. You could go days if not weeks without finding some
good items to resell and your time and effort are often wasted in a futile
hunt. You’re at the mercy of fate most times, riding high one month shot down
the next. What your business needs to overcome that sales wall is a consistent
merchandise source, and that’s where liquidation merchandise and
Foxliquidation.com comes into the picture. Instead of searching racks and
shelves, you could be hunting for your goods online from the comfort of your
home and not frantically running from store to store in a vain attempt to keep
your sales from slipping. Think about it, no wasted time, effort or gas money
and the merchandise comes right to your door. You are also in a prime position
because you sell these types of goods now. You know the items and brands, so
you know what to buy and what to sell it for, the learning curve is nominal for
an experienced picker. I am not trying to dissuade anyone from pursuing their
picking passion, but the next logical step in your business’s growth is to see
what liquidation has to offer. So the next time your in-law mentions your
picking hobby you can correct them, and tell them you’re a retailer and you
have the sales to prove it.


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