​New Momentum in the Wholesale Market as Businesses Bring Back Manufacturing to the US

Offshoring has become a major trend in recent
years. A lot of US businesses have been sending their productions overseas, or
importing goods and services from countries such as China because of the low
prices. And sometimes, the prices have been very low as well. Consumers of
course loved the low prices, but domestic manufacturing and job creation has
been suffering because of this. Also, the quality of imported goods from China
and other countries have also been found to be of lower quality as per the US
standards. There have been frequent complaints from consumers about this as

For instance, Lonnie Kane, President of Los
Angeles based apparel maker Karen Kane, says that they used to check 10% of
goods from China before. But now, because of all these complaints, they have to
inspect each item. And not just that, prices of imported products are
escalating as well because of increased salaries in these countries. But the
quality hasn’t improved.

Don Lee of the LA Times is now reporting that
the trend of offshoring is going down. Businesses are taking note of the
increasing number of quality issues, and have decided to bring back
manufacturing to the US. There is data to support this. The number of factory
jobs returning to the US matched the number of jobs lost in 2013. This is in
fact the highest manufacturing increases in a quarter century.

Lee points out that the US factory payrolls
have grown for four straight years, with gains totaling about 650,000 jobs. It’s
interesting to note here that this is still quite a small number, as 6 million
jobs were lose in the last decade because of offshoring. However, this is still
the biggest and longest stretch of manufacturing. And that’s why it is quite

Momentum in the Wholesale Market

Production returning to the US has revitalized
the wholesale marketplace in the US, particularly the fast-paced product
categories such as fashion. Companies are able keep in pace with industry
trends as factories and supply chains are closer to home. “On-trend” clothing,
which till recently, was accessible only to well-heeled, slender urban
fashionistas, are now available to a broader audience. Production cycles have
come down from three months to just a couple of weeks. Which means that there
are more wholesale designer clothing goods available to you.

With so many goods being produced in the US,
and that too of a better quality, you’ll get more from your closeout and shelf
pulls. It will be easier to sell them off as well, because you don’t have to
worry about quality. All you have to do is just look for wholesale designer clothing in bulk. Buy wholesale lots at
FoxLiquidation.com, and you’ll have a better chance to sell them off at a
profit. The lower price of your wholesale
designer clothing
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for purchasing wholesale designer
in bulk now.

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