Just a few clicks will save you hours of searching

has thousands of lots to choose from in dozens of different categories at any
given time. Pretty amazing right? No shortage of great merchandise to choose
from here! We know that people love to check the site on a daily basis, just to
peek in at the new arrivals and to see what’s happening. It’s great we
encourage this, stay on top of the new merchandise you never know just
what will arrive on any given day. But has this ever happened to you? Have you
ever just skipped a day or two checking the site only to realize later that you
may have missed out on a seemingly perfect lot? It does happen, especially in
peak season like November and December and the early spring as the seasons
change. Desirable lots come in and are sold in just a matter of hours or
minutes in some cases. So what are you supposed to do to avoid this? Sit on the
site for hours constantly hitting refresh on the new inventory page waiting for
that perfect lot to be posted? No of course not, you have far more important
things to do like selling your goods and running your business remember your
time is valuable.


is a very simple solution to your problem that will take just a few clicks and
will save you hours of searching and the heartache of missing out on a perfect
lot, set up your inventory
This is one of foxliquidation’s most potent site features as it
literally does all the work of searching for you. Inventory alerts are the
email notifications you receive whenever a new lot that fits your search
criteria is added to the site, and these alerts are fully customizable.
You can create a general search that alerts you when items are added in one or
multiple categories or you can create an alert for lots that fit specific
criteria like condition, season or location.

create those inventory alerts for your preferred category and condition and
just wait for those email alerts to start coming in. Setting up your alerts is
as easy as 1, 2, 3

1.Login to your

2.Perform a search using
the wholesale lot filter

3.Save that search as an

Watch a video tutorial on how to create inventory alerts. 

you getting too many or too few alerts? You can always fine tune your inventory alerts later and see what works best for you and your
business. Understand the value that this feature brings to your business. You
never have to worry about missing out on that perfect lot because you’re the
first to know just when that new perfect lot arrives. Use all the tools at your
disposal to help your business grow.

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