Is eBay’s global ship program right for your business?

The answer is
a definitive maybe and we will explain. Ebay’s global ship program originally
launched in 2012 was designed to simplify the overly complicated process of
global shipping. If you have ever had to ship internationally on your own you
probably know what a confusing pain it can be. Indecipherable forms, high
shipping costs and the risk of your package being damaged or lost can put
anyone off the idea of offering global shipping. So in steps eBay with their
shipping partner Pitney Bowes and simplify the process, now just select the
countries you wish to offer shipping to (up to 102 as of May of 2016) set your
domestic shipping rates and that’s it when the item sells you simply ship to
Pitney Bowes and they handle the rest. The appealing part of the global ship
program is its simplicity ship to a US based warehouse and that’s it, your
responsibility for the shipment ends when it arrives to Pitney Bowes. After that if there is an issue they are responsible
for the loss or damage. Sounds too good to be true right? Well maybe depending
on your perspective. Many eBay sellers
have pointed out the fact that the rates can be quite steep making their goods
for sale less competitive with other merchants that have opted out of the
global ship program so this could potentially hurt your sales for more price
sensitive goods. Another issue is that combined shipments are not possible with
the global ship program quite irritating if a high percentage of your customers
are used to doing combined orders. Opening
and repackaging of goods is not uncommon either possibly leading to damages or
loss of items. Not to mention that many
international buyers grew accustomed to saving on shipping charges by combining
orders together. Most bizarrely reports of items being
confiscated because they are restricted from export for one reason or another
being resold on eBay! Both the buyer and sellers were refunded but the actual
items would show up on eBay days after the auction. Crazy right? Why would I
ever consider using this service you might ask? Well despite the naysayers’
complaints and accusations the service does actually work pretty effectively
for the bulk of the transactions. While it is far from perfect is it easier
than manually handling global shipments? Yes absolutely and for the casual
seller the benefits might well outweigh the potential drawbacks of the program.
In summary it is best to weigh your options if you specialize in high turn low
dollar items this may be hurting your sales but for lower volume higher dollar
items it may be a good option for grabbing some new international sales.

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