Ebay didn’t get the memo on Christmas

Ebay has
messed up and this time it’s to do with the Christmas holiday being observed on
Monday and the USPS. Ebay did not adjust
their system to reflect the 26th as being a federal holiday
essentially penalizing sellers for not fulfilling orders within their promised
timeline putting some top rated sellers in jeopardy of losing their status. The
issue exploded this week on Ebay’s discussion boards and was compounded further
by ebay’s customer service staff who were providing contradicting information
on the holiday. For much of the week customer service reps were saying it
counted others it would not be counted as a ship day. Ebay has since clarified
that the holiday would not be counted against sellers and that the error should
be corrected by the end of the week. This most recent snafu has many sellers
crossing their fingers and hoping the error will not be repeated the following
week for the new years holiday.  

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