Don’t let another season pass you by

a long, cruel and seemingly endless winter, It’s finally spring again
and the perfect time to start selling swimwear. Before you say it, yes we have
talked about swimwear before,
and we are circling back on the subject again today because it’s a category of
goods that deserves the added attention. Swimwear as a category is perfect for
any type of reseller, its small and light, easy to store, and cheap to ship to
your customers not to mention quite profitable as well! What seems to happen
every year is that resellers tend to forget about the category until May or
June and then they are forced to play catch up for the rest of the season.
Today I am going to give you 4 tips on how to expertly cash in on the swimwear
season and it all boils down to timing your sales and your purchases.

season begins in March- no fooling! And I know it’s still cold and miserable in
most of the country at this time of year, but this is when retailers break out
the one-pieces and tankinis and start stocking their shelves and so should you.
Buy as early as possible (back to this later) and get those items prepped and
ready for resale beginning in March. Wait too long and supplies can and will
dry up quickly.

and Memorial day is when sales really kickoff – May is when things like the
weather and the sales heat up. By May most of the country is now completely
thawed out and thinking of hitting the beaches again. Retailers normally entice
shoppers in to buy new swimwear around the Memorial Day holiday so be amply
stocked up by this time to cash in on the uptick in demand.

and July are the big money months- forget sales and discounts this month this
is when every retailer is charging top dollar because this is peak season and
time to reap the big rewards of getting that early start.

wind down and think of the future- September is when you close up shop for the
season, discount and blowout if you want or perhaps stash these leftovers for
next season. One very important thing you should consider especially if your
flush with capital is to stock up this month for the next year’s season. This
is the time when you can get some of the best deals on some of the best
possible merchandise available.

don’t fall asleep at the wheel and let another season pass you by; it’s time to
get back on swimwear today.

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