David vs Goliath 2.0

The big names of online retail in the US like Amazon and
eBay are now facing some healthy competition from a far less talked about
source. It’s not Target, Walmart or some other big-name player it’s from
Shopify, and it’s army of small but determined independent retailers. Shopify
is an e-commerce sales platform provider that helps merchants create retail
sites and accept online payments. What you may find surprising is just how
quickly the Shopify army has grown. The army may not be the biggest just under 1
million, much smaller than eBays estimated 25 million sellers but what is truly
impressive is the sales revenue they are now generating. In the first two
quarters of 2019, total merchant sales climbed by 51% to a whopping 13.8
Billion dollars. At this rate, Shopify is expected to soon surpass eBay for
total domestic sales and jump to the number two spot on the list of the largest
e-commerce sites in the US. This dramatic growth can be attributed to a couple
of factors, and one is undoubtedly independent retailers desire to forge ahead
on their own.

Online sellers who shop with foxliquidation know that they
have a great source of merchandise and also a multitude of options to resell
their goods. Amazon, eBay, Poshmark, Mercari, Bonanza the list goes on and on.
But there is one undeniable fact that all of these sales platforms share. Every
one of these sites makes the seller sacrifice a certain degree of control over
their business. Each platform has its own set of rules and environment that you
have to learn to navigate to market your goods. Play by their rules or face the
consequences which could be anything from a slap on the wrist such as taking
down a listing to site ban. Tell me if any of this sounds familiar to our
online sellers. “You must maintain this
level of sales to keep your current status!” or “You may not sell this brand
because this platform will not allow it!” Sellers are frankly getting tired of
this and are making the decision to sell what they want and how they want on
their own sites. It’s become more accessible than ever to create your own
personalized storefront and painless and inexpensive to market your business
with the help of social media. The most enticing aspect of running your own
e-commerce store is that you make the rules and you are in control or your own
business. Sell on Amazon, eBay, or Poshmark? Why not add one more to the mix
where you write the rules, and you can sell what and how you want.

Independent retailers source from Foxliquidation because they
know that we have the merchandise needed to achieve their dreams of competing
with the big names of online retail. 

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