Alternative Ways You Can Sell Designer Clothing Purchased From FoxLiquidation.Com

Wholesale Designer Clothing

There are two things to do with the wholesale liquidation goods you can buy
at Of course, you could use some of these products
yourself. And frankly, you might be tempted to do so as well, because they are
from some of the finest brands. But of course, the pallet or pallets you might
order will contain several boxes. And so, you’ll have a lot more items than you
can possibly use in a lifetime. So you’ll certainly want to sell off most of
them. Actually, that’s the reason why people purchase from stores like They want to sell for profit.

Of course, if you want to sell online, you’ll
want to know some good stores that are willing to display your merchandise and
promote them. We want to help you here. And so, we have listed some of the best
websites where you can sell designer
wholesale clothing
wholesale designer shoes and more that you buy from

The two most popular stores where you can
sell are of course eBay and Amazon. Both of them are popular across the world.
They sell thousands of goods every day. So you can sell there as well.

But here are some other lesser known stores
where you can sell your wholesale liquidation goods too.


60% of the sales money in this websites goes
to you. The Real Real gets the balance 40%. They sell products on their website
and not on eBay. You will have to sign-up to become a member. Fill out an
online form with a description of the items you want to sell and their approximate
original price. You will then get an email from a sales rep with a confirmation
of the prices they are going to accept.


Here, you’ll get 60% of the sales price. eDrop-Off
gets 40%. They are going to promote your products on eBay, so you won’t have to
take the trouble. eDrop-Off have sold more than 75,000 products on eBay. You
must fill out a form in this website as well, provide your contact details, and
describe the items you want to sell. They accept shoes, clothing, accessories
and more.


There are two slabs here. If your merchandise
costs more than $500, then you make 60% of the sales. But if it is below $500,
then you make 50%. They sell on eBay as well. They have sold more than 5000
items there. Fill out the form at the website and describe your garments. They
are going to contact you with an approval of your consignment.

There are many other places where you can
sell designer wholesale clothing, wholesale designer shoes and other shelf pulls and closeout goods. So you can be sure that it would be quite easy to
sell them, once you have received your goods from

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