Advantage of Wholesale Designer Clothing vs. Cheap Chinese Unbranded Merchandise

Chinese products are everywhere these days. You’ll
find them with street vendors across the western world, at the local flea
markets, and even in some big departmental stores. These products are available
online too, everywhere. In fact, the entire world has now been taken over by
the “Made in China” stamp.

But how many of these Chinese unbranded
products are really good enough? Not many sadly. Small-time Chinese
manufacturers are not able to follow the manufacturing standards of the western
world. How can they? It would make their inventory much more costly, and they
would then lose their competitive edge, and the only USP – price.

However still, a lot of people in the west
are trying to make a fast buck by selling these cheap Chinese unbranded goods.
They’ll source it from suppliers at Alibaba and some other places, and sell
them through eBay and other online stores. And there are some people who’ll go
a step further and actually visit China to source their inventory after meeting
the suppliers.

But it’s an extremely risky strategy. Here’s

the goods are of very poor quality, way below western standards.

Chinese and even American suppliers as well won’t work on escrow. You can
safely try us at Fox Liquidations. Our competition doesn’t do anything that we
aren’t doing ourselves. We are able to match the best terms and deals you can
find always.

delivery times – It can take you up to 6 weeks to receive the goods from China.
Can you wait for that long?

shipping costs can be very high. As a small business, you’ll of course not
order a lot of inventory, and so cannot attain the economies of scale.

Why Wholesale
Liquidation Is a Better Option Than Procuring Wholesale Clothing from China

If you’re thinking of selling goods on eBay
or from your own website or small boutique store, then you would do well by
procuring your inventory at wholesale liquidation marts right here. Fox
Liquidation is a good place for this.

The wholesale
designer clothing
, wholesale
designer shoes
and other inventory you’ll find will cost you less than what
you can get from China. The merchandise you’ll find with us usually goes for
70% to 95% below their retail cost. Now that’s really cheap – right?

It’s completely risk free for you. Why?
That’s because, as opposed to the Chinese unbranded goods, here, the entire
inventory comes from the most recognized brands.

Of course, the top brands won’t produce
merchandise below quality, simply because they have to maintain a reputation,
unlike some obnoxious Chinese manufacturer with zero brand recognition. That’s
precisely why you can always trust the designer
wholesale clothing
and other goods you can get from a liquidation mart like
Fox Liquidation.

Plus, people in the west always trust branded
goods more, and rightly so. But still, they would sometimes buy cheap Chinese
inventory, because of the cost advantage. But if your wholesale designer clothing, and wholesale designer shoes can compete with the China price, then you
can be sure that they’ll buy from you.

It’s a much better business strategy. Try it.
You’ll surely have much better ROI.

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